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ENL & Bilingual Programs

Angela Garcia, Director of English as a New Language and World Languages
Address: 140 Park Avenue, Amityville, NY 11701
Phone: (631) 565-6044


Welcome to the Department of ENL & Bilingual Programs. This is a state and federal mandated program that seeks to provide intensive English skills to non-English speaking students using ENL methodologies and techniques. The students in this program are held to the same high standards as their English speaking counterparts, thus, the teachers incorporate all of the language arts modalities of listening, speaking, reading and writing. These classes not only teach English Language Arts, but also teach English through the content area. The program consists of stand-alone and co-taught content area classes, based on the student’s level of English language proficiency.

The process of learning new language is very similar to that of learning a first language. Studies have shown that the process of learning a new language, both for social and academic skills, takes anywhere between 7 to 10 years. Students are required to complete the program within 3 years; an additional extension of services for three extra years can be requested from the New York State Education Department, Office of Bilingual Education. Students who do not pass the NYSESLAT after receiving ENL services for 6 years must continue in the program until they score at the Proficiency Level on the NYSESLAT.


Initial Identification and Placement

At enrollment you indicated that your child’s home or primary language is other than English, and an educator interviewed him or her to determine the possible need for additional English language support. The information gathered during the interview indicated that your child might qualify for ENL services and be identified as a possible ELL. To confirm your child’s eligibility for additional English language support, your child was given the New York State Identification Test for English Language Learners (NYSITELL). The purpose of the NYSITELL is to assess the English language level of new students whose home or primary language is other than English. Your child’s score on the NYSITELL (Entering, Emerging, Transitioning, Expanding, or Commanding) will determine if he or she is entitled to receive ELL services and will determine the level of English language support. The results will also help teachers plan the best program for your child based on his or her strengths and needs in listening, speaking, reading, and writing in English.

The school in which your child is enrolled will mail a parent notification letter that will indicate the level and any additional actions that you need to take. If your child is identified as an ELL, you will be asked to attend an orientation session at which time you will learn about ELL programs that are available for your child. Once your child is identified as an ELL, he or she is entitled to: Bilingual Education (Transitional or Dual Language) and/or English as a New Language (ENL) services.

Your child’s proficiency level, on either the NYSITELL or the NYSESLAT will determine the minutes of ENL services (class time) that he or she will receive each week.

All current and former ELLs (up to 2years after testing proficient on the NYSESLAT) can receive ELL testing accommodations on NYS assessments.


Former ELLs

In September of 2014, the Board of Regents adopted amendments to Part 154 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education (CR). These regulations establish the legal requirements for the education of English Language Learners (ELLs) in New York State (NYS). CR Part 154 defines Former ELLs as students who were identified as ELLs and have exited ELL status within the past two school years. Upon exiting ELL status, students must continue to receive at least .5 units of study or its equivalent of Integrated English as a New Language (ENL) in English Language Arts (ELA)/Core Content Area or other such services, approved by the Commissioner [CR Part 154-2.3(h)(1)(v)].



The Amityville School District is committed to the education of all English Language Learners, current and former, by providing content curricula K-12, including cultural understandings and acceptance of the different learning styles. All instruction is centered on the development and support of listening, speaking, reading and writing in English at the level appropriate to former ELLs. ENL teachers, as well as content area teachers, utilize the Bilingual Common Core Progressions and the Common Core Learning Standards to differentiate the curriculum to meet the academic and linguistic needs of former ELLs.

In grades Kindergarten through fourth grade, we have implemented a transitional bilingual program. Our transitional bilingual program consists of a schedule that includes ENL, ELA, HLA (Spanish) and Science/Social Studies and Math in Spanish. Go Math in Spanish, Teacher’s College Reading and Writing Project (for ELA/ HLA-alternating days) and Foundations are some of the programs used in our Transitional Bilingual program. Teacher’s College Reading and Writing Project are to teach literacy skills through the content areas in both English and Spanish. In addition, teachers incorporate the BCCI progressions to ensure that the academic and linguistic demands of ELLs are met for both New Language and Home Language. We are in the process of expanding our transitional bilingual program throughout the district.

Former ELLs are placed in mainstream classrooms and receive ENL services in a co-taught setting or by dually certified ENL/content area teachers. At Northwest Elementary (grades 1-3), Park Avenue Memorial (grades 4-6) and Edmund Miles Middle School (grades 7-9), former ELLs receive ENL services through ENL/ELA classes. Former ELLs at Amityville Memorial High School (grades 10-12) receive ENL services in co-taught classroom setting. The services outlined above are provided to former ELLs based on the results on the 2014 and 2015 NYSESLAT scores and the CR-Part 154 regulations.

The English language progress of each Former ELL is being monitored through NYS ELA and Math 3-8 exams, Regent exams, AIMsweb, Fountas & Pinell running records, teacher-created quarterly and midterm assessments and observations of students while in the classroom setting. In addition to the services outlined above, former ELLs participate in RtI/AIS services for math and reading, as well as, after-school programs such as iTutor, ENL academy and extra help (based on their academic needs).

ENL Lead Teachers
Name School Phone Number
Patricia Meisser Northwest Elementary (631) 565‑6500
Jessica Driscoll Park Avenue Memorial Elementary (631) 565‑6300
Megan Martin Edmund W. Miles Middle School (631) 565‑6200
Suzanne Carlucci Amityville Memorial High School (631) 565‑6100