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Guidance Office

High School Guidance Office  631-565-6101

Dr. Stephanie Thomas, Guidance Director

Ashley Borja, Guidance Counselor 
Phone: 631-565-6115

Jacqueline Noon, Guidance Counselor
Phone: 631-565-6143

Jennifer Rivera, Guidance Counselor
Phone: 631-565-6141

Shyolanda Holland,Guidance Counselor
Phone: 631-565-6139

Shiverne Taliefero, Transition Coordinator
Phone: 631-565-6192

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"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."
‑Maya Angelou


The Guidance Offices at Edmund W. Miles Middle School, Amityville Memorial High School and the Amityville Alternative High School are committed to helping students be academically successful and to achieve their full potential during their school career. It is also our task to help students adjust to the transition from elementary to middle school, and middle school to high school, as well as, prepare them for the transition to college or the world of work.

Throughout their school years students are encouraged to maintain a close relationship with their counselor. Students are able to make an appointment to see their counselor based on their individual schedules, such as lunch periods or free periods. Likewise parents are welcome to call their student’s counselor to set up an appointment, discuss concerns or simply to touch base.


Functions of the Guidance Office

  • Academic Counseling: The counselors provide academic advisement to students throughout their middle school and high school years, recommending appropriate programs/courses, and counseling students to be successful.
  • Liaison: The counselor will act as a liaison between parents, students, and teachers. The counselor can attend or arrange meetings involving teachers and/or administrators.
  • Support and Advising: Counselors are available to students for support and advisement. Counselors conduct individual and group counseling sessions to help students learn to handle their concerns. Referrals can also be made to the school’s other supportive services, or to outside agencies as needed.
  • Career Counseling: Counselors can assist students in exploring interests and potential careers. High School Counselors can also help students to find internship or other "hands-on" opportunities to gain experience in a particular field of study while still in school.
  • College Counseling: Counselors provide students and parents with a wealth of information about choosing and applying to colleges. Students are able to perform college searches, research colleges, speak with college representatives, practice interviewing skills, and get assistance with completing applications. All juniors and their parents are invited to an individual conference with their counselor to help kick off the college process. The High School Guidance Department also has information about Financial Aid, Scholarships, and Summer College Opportunities for students.


A Day in the Life of Your Guidance Counselor

Each day you may find your counselor doing many of the following:

  • Meeting with students individually or in small groups
  • Reviewing attendance and contacting student and parents
  • Registering new students
  • Facilitating course level changes
  • Assisting students with career and/or college exploration
  • Meeting with parents
  • Personal or crisis counseling
  • Consulting with teachers about student progress
  • Participating in IST, 504, or CSE meetings
  • Facilitating homework requests for students absent from school
  • Reviewing graduation requirements with students and parents
  • Helping students complete scholarship applications
  • Advising course selections process