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450 County Line Road, Amityville, NY 11701
Phone Number: 631-565-6500
Grades: 1-3

Principal: Ms. Kathleen Hyland

Assistant Principal: Ms. Sonia Rodrigo
Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.





Current News

Northwest Students Step Back in Time

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Second-graders at Northwest Elementary School explored the past with help from members of the Amityville Historical Society. 

The students recently visited Lauder Museum in the village to learn about the history of Amityville through displays, photos and maps. As a follow up, historical society representatives Patricia Cahaney, Seth Purdy and Doris Reynolds visited Olimpia Karounos’s class and showed off various artifacts, some at least a century old, such as a rotary telephone, washboard and coffee grinder. 

The field trip and classroom visit supported the second-grade social studies curriculum, which focuses on communities and how they change over time. Students also created their own personal timelines with photos of themselves from birth through the present. 

Northwest Students Go on an Art Adventure

Northwest Students Go on an Art Adventure photo

The classrooms and hallways at Northwest Elementary School in the Amityville Union Free School District will soon be full of color, thanks to the students who completed several projects under the direction of professional artist John DiNaro.

Mr. DiNaro, who previously spearheaded mural projects at Amityville Memorial High School, visited Lydia Robinson’s art classes in March. Children worked together to create a half-dozen murals including one for the music room and several for the hallways. They used paint and glued on bottle caps to make the colorful creations. 

Students created the sketches that were the inspiration for the mural designs. Ms. Robinson and Mr. DiNaro were both impressed with the creativity of the students, who came up with a wide variety of ideas. 

Under Mr. DiNaro’s supervision, the students also painted two buddy benches, which will be placed in the school library. All first- through third-graders contributed their artistic talents to either the benches or the murals. 

“Every student had a part in this,” Ms. Robinson said. “We worked together as a school community to create a beautiful space for ourselves.”

Ms. Robinson added that the projects allowed students to further develop their artistic abilities but on a much larger scale. Students learned the importance of cooperation and collaboration. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2018